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Personal Training, Cheltenham

  • Vibro Gym Workout

  • Weight Loss & Muscle Tone

  • Sport/Event Specific Training

  • Rehabilitation & Fitness

  • Core Fitness

  • Boxing Training

  • Kids Fitness


Vibro Gym Workout

The Vibrating platform stimulates a reflex contraction within the muscle which leads to a high level of muscle activation. Performing static or dynamic movements including standing, sitting, kneeling, lying and placing your hands on it - almost any exercise from a typical gym workout can be done on the machine.


Weight Loss & Muscle Tone

A careful balance of resistance and cardiovascular training is key for anyone looking to shift some excess pound. Keeping your heart rate elevated whilst performing resistance training can help raise your metabolism both during the session and for a duration of time following your workout.
We can work with you every step of the way to give you a well balanced diet and structured exercise programme.

"Fitness" is how well you can tackle your day to day tasks. Whether you give yourself high expectations or keep things moderately low, increasing your heart rate for a prolonged period of time and increasing blood flow can really help increase your day to day energy levels!


Sport/Event Specific Training

Working on key movement skills and explosive power is crutial in any sport and through SAQ training either alone or in small groups can really hep develop your game.

Whether you are looking to complete your first half marathon, full marathon, triathlon or any other monumental event then contact us right away and we will get you on the right track and guide you all the way up until the event itself.


Rehabilitation &  Fitness

Getting back to full fitness and doing so as quickly as possible is high priorety for any sportsman no matter what level you compete at.

At the Personal Training studio we have specialised equipment to help aid this process. From our Anti Gravity Treadmill to our Balance Master and other state of the art apparatus.


Core Fitness

A strong core is essential in any warp of life from sitting at a desk for long hours or lifting heavy objects around. A strong core is not about developing a six-pack but is about strengthening your core muscles to support your body in whatever movements you put it through.

Through funcional training methods we can help give you a strong core that will help prevent back injuries and sluggish posture.


Boxing Training

Whether you are looking to take your fitness on to the next level or just looking to blow off some steam, try one of our one to one boxing sessions and really let loose!


Kids Fitness

Working along side our partner company "Just Camps" we offer Active Childrens Holiday Camps during every school holiday break. The camps consist of multi-sports and fungames that allow the children to improve their fitness whilst having a great time.

We also offer one to one training for Children. So, whether they are looking to improve their chances of getting a place on the school team or just work off that built up puppy fat we can really help put the right programme together to get results!