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  About Just PT

Just PT was formed by Matt Holdback of Cheltenham, Gloucestersire.

Just PT offer an individual service where the clients needs are put first. Just PT was launched in 2010 by Matt Holdback in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Matt works with clients from all spectrums of the community from people looking to improve their general fitness, people looking to shift excess weight all the way to Athletes looking to get back to full fitness or push on to that next level of performance. Matt Studied Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Gloucestershire, before moving out to the USA with a Sports Coaching Company. Having lived in Massachusetts for nearly 2 years, Matt returned to Cheltenham in 2009 to build his career. Matt Gained his Personal Training Qualifications whilst working at LA Fitness in Cheltenham. He then decided to start his own enterprise in 2010 where he launched Just PT and Just Camps. Matt now works with both adults and Children to help improve their health, fitness, confidence and overall way of life.

Matt works closely with his clients to make sure that their goals are clearly defined so that they can be worked towards systematically. Matt's infectious enthusiasm towards health and fitness rubs off on his clients and motivates them to succeed. Each session is tailored towards the needs of the individual and bespoke programs are devised to help the client reap the rewards that they truly deserve.


  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification
  • BSc Degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Graduated with Full Colours
  • Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football
  • P Award in Training Speed, Agility & Quickness
  • Dynamic Movement Screening Qualification
  • Secondary Athletics Teaching Award
  • Red Cross First Aid trained


  • Club Captain of University of Gloucestershire Football Club
  • Competed at a semi-pro level Football.
  • Completed the Virgin 2010 London Marathon
  • Completed Mud Runner Classic 2010 & 2011 (Finished 32nd out of 1363 runners)
  • Completed Gloucester Half Marathon 2010
  • Raised over £3000 for Children with Leukemia

Just PT: Based at The Personal Training Studio,             
290 The High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3HQ.             




Andy Aldridge, 29 from Cheltenham:

If there was a magical way to gain a perfect body there would be no need for exercise or diet. Weight loss and muscle gain don't happen overnight. The hardest part isn't exercising or ignoring the chocolate or turning off the TV. Persevering when things get tough, when weight starts to plateau, when you're tired, when you just don't feel like doing any more is the difference Matt makes. There are no false promises, but his focus on long-term benefits and his relentlessly positive nature are infectious. Matt has helped me push myself harder and gain strength much more quickly than I could by my own determination alone.

Training sessions are never the same so boredom isn't a factor. I always feel that I've worked hard. If I'm aching or exhausted then I feel proud, that I've pushed myself to a limit. I feel like I can slowly set the bar higher. I get a sense of achievement which brightens the end of a day at work. Matt offers advice on diet, which has helped me see how I was hindering my own progress.

Money, people and possessions will come and go. My body is the only thing I will have for the whole of my life and how I look after it will affect more than just how I look in a mirror. I see the price of personal training as an investment in myself. I believe that you don't truly own something unless you made it yourself. I'm slowly reclaiming my body.

Belinda Hughes, 32 from Cheltenham:

I've always enjoyed a bit of running but I'd never been to a personal trainer before I went to Matt. I was quite nervous about it to be honest, but he put me at ease straight away and together we worked out a plan of action for upping my fitness levels. When he mentioned that I should aim for a 'challenge' I agreed, but never thought I' be running round 7 miles of mud and bogs a few weeks later! Matt helped me work on my strength using loads of different techniques and equipment, and quickly got me feeling fitter than I ever have before. He really motivated me to take part in the year's Mudrunner event at Eastnor castle, and I absolutely loved it! I can't wait for my next challenge now! I'd highly recommend Matt to anyone, he's brilliant!

Mischa Scorer, Post 70 From Cheltenham:

I’ve been working out weekly with Matt for nearly four months now and am most impressed by his professional skill  as a trainer.  I have certainly felt the benefit myself both in muscle strength and stamina. He  has a great personality and is fun to work with.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness.